Make or buy?

We live in an environment of constant sourcing challenges.

Supply chain professionals make daily decisions impacting the sustainability and security of their manufacturing operations. Is buying from a trading partner or distributor good enough? Can a vendor scale with my needs? Can they support my product development programs?

The make-or-buy decision further complicates the sourcing strategy. Where is my product along the life cycle? When does it make sense to outsource? Can internal production assets be deployed more effectively? Can my cost position be improved?


A full-service, fine chemical custom manufacturing partnership is often the best solution

Outsource confidently

CABB’s Jayhawk site offers over 40 years of fine chemical custom manufacturing excellence on 830 acres in southeastern Kansas. With expertise in complex, multi-step, batch and semi- continuous synthesis, scaling with your growth from lab to pilot to full commercial production can be easily realized.

Gain confidence from integrated pilot plant, process development, ESHQS and project management teams. Meet your certification and auditing requirements with fully-accredited management systems validated to ISO, RC and cGMP standards.

Upon receipt of your process description and technical package, we will provide you with a preliminary estimate and timeline for your further consideration. If you seek a seamless purchase experience, a long-term partnership and alignment with your business requirements, then CABB’s Jayhawk team stands ready to serve you with the competence, reliability, and security expected of your own organization.