Meet the team


Jeff Black

President & Site Manager

Jeff began his professional career in 1989. An avid outdoorsman and fisherman, Jeff brings the same passion to the business, where he strives to build partnerships with our clients. He has the same dedication to his team of employees, joining together to make JAYHAWK a great place to work.


Scott Schulte

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Scott started at JAYHAWK in 1999. He greatly enjoys interacting with his colleagues and stakeholders. His free time is spent running Skywalker Basketball Academy, teaching fundamentals and skills to second graders through high school. He also volunteers for the Boys and Girls Club. Scott is both fantastic with kids and basketball, and fantastic with numbers.

Research & Development

Dr. Jeff Dimmit

Vice President, Technology

Jeff joined the JAYHAWK team in 1996. One of three Jeffs we have on site, he is a diehard Sporting Kansas City and Syracuse Orangemen fan, as well as a wine enthusiast. His favorite challenge is finding solutions to customer problems. “It doesn’t matter to me whether the customer is internal or external, the rush you get when you solve a problem is a major motivation for me.”


Borys Schafran

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Borys first started with the JAYHAWK team in 2008. His passion is the customer experience. “I thrive on meeting with customers, understanding their needs, and then working diligently to deliver value for them.” Borys is a NY Red Bulls soccer fanatic. “The beautiful game is now part of American culture, and I love the camaraderie and devotion of the fans.” He brings the same spirit to the JAYHAWK team each day.


Jeff Cassidy

Business Director, Custom Manufacturing

Jeff has been with JAYHAWK since 1989. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping and playing his guitar. A lot of patience goes into these activities and Jeff brings that determination to the workplace every day. His favorite part of the job is working with custom manufacturing partners and his colleagues, making sure projects run smoothly from start to finish.


Chris Landmesser

Sales Manager

Chris has been a member of the JAYHAWK team since 2014.  His favorite part of the job is working alongside his colleagues and providing creative input to business decisions. Chris is the coach of his children’s baseball, softball and basketball teams and knows that when a group works together towards a common goal, they can accomplish great feats and win big.


Vinay Mishra

Technical Development Manager

Vinay joined JAYHAWK in July 2019 to lead our technical development efforts for the Catalog business.  He began his industrial career in 1996 in R&D roles and now enjoys technical/commercial hybrid responsibilities.  Vinay is passionate about helping customers succeed in their projects and firmly believes that collaborating with an open attitude is the best way to achieve this.  In his spare time, he enjoys community volunteering, distance running and singing, although ideally not all at the same time.


Erik Rose

Customer Experience Manager

Erik joined JAYHAWK in January 2019 and is excited to be part of a team focused on providing the very best products and services to our customers. He has a passion for learning and ensuring that we exceed expectations when it comes to delivering on our promises. Outside of work, Erik enjoys listening to history podcasts, supporting Arsenal F.C., and spending time with his family.

Customer Service

Laurel Hagman

Customer Service Representative

Laurel started her career in 2005 when she joined the JAYHAWK team. She is currently runs both customer service and outbound logistics. Laurel greatly enjoys her daily interactions with customers and has found that, yes it’s true, “The customer is always right!” She enjoys equestrian sports and riding. Not only is she good at communicating with her horses, Laurel also communicates exceptionally well with our customers!

Supply Chain

Jay Hendren

Supply Chain Manager

Jay has been a member of the JAYHAWK team since 2000. He loves the variety that comes along with his job. Jay gets to work on all aspects of a project’s development and creation, starting from supply chain to production to getting the product out the door. His hobbies include doing anything his kids are doing, golfing and photography.


Steve Esch

Quality Assurance Manager

Steve began with JAYHAWK in 1984. He enjoys the daily challenges of improving Quality and customer satisfaction. “I am often referred to as ‘the eyes of the customer!’” Steve keeps busy with his children and grandchildren. Sometimes he even sneaks off to wet a fishing line on Friday afternoons.


Richard Matteson

EHS Manager

Richard started at JAYHAWK in 1990 and served in a variety of manufacturing roles, leading to his current position as EHS Manager. He’s always interested to hear how clients use our products and he really enjoys golfing, fishing, and spending time with his boys.

Production & Technology

John Gaines

Business Engineering Manager

John has been a part of the team since his very first day in 1994. He is an avid golfer and can be found roaming the links on weekends, but his favorite activities are collaborating with his colleagues and interacting with the larger JAYHAWK/CABB community. “I enjoy working with our clients and developing good relationships. I want the clients to feel like we are an extension of their company and that working with JAYHAWK is a partnership.” John’s focus on excellence delivers a winning round for JAYHAWK’s customers every time.

Production & Technology

Larry Mosier

Operations Manager

Larry started at JAYHAWK in 2007.  He is currently responsible for all of our production units. He enjoys the dual pursuit of satisfying the customer while also strengthening JAYHAWK’s position in the marketplace. Outside of work, Larry loves spending time with his family in the great outdoors, especially going hunting or fishing together.

Special Projects

Greg Sitton

Assistant Site Manager

Greg became a member of the JAYHAWK team in 1988. He likes to learn from customer audits where JAYHAWK showcases its EHS practices and standards. Greg’s favorite part of his job is ensuring that his coworkers get home safe every single day. Though he is always looking out for his coworkers, Greg’s own passions include golfing, hunting and riding his motorcycle.

Greg became a member of the JAYHAWK team in 1988. He likes to learn from customer audits where JAYHAWK showcases its EHS practices and standards. Greg’s favorite part of his job is ensuring that his coworkers get home safe every single day. Though he is always looking out for his coworkers, Greg’s own passions include golfing, hunting and riding his motorcycle.

Channel Partners

Masahiro Kanda

Business Director – Evonik Japan Ltd.

Kanda-san joined Evonik in 1995 and supports the JAYHAWK program from Japan.  He has been marketing new molecules and chemical substances for 25 years and his favorite part about working with customers is that they motivate him every day. “I like customer visits, especially new contacts or researchers who develop new products.” Kanda-san’s hobbies include outdoor activities, especially hiking and relaxing by walking through silent forests and mountains. Recharging his batteries enables Kanda-san to thrive in a fast-paced, constantly moving workplace.

Channel Partners

JaeJun Hwang

Sales Manager – Hwail Company Ltd.

Channel Partners

J.D. Juang

Deputy General Manager – Kemfar Corporation

Channel Partners

Jim Zhang

Sales Manager – Wuxi Bohai Chemical Company Ltd.