Commitment to Sustainability

CABB’s Jayhawk team is pledged to the continual improvement of Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) performance.

To the Environment

Jayhawk is entrusted with the preservation of its southeastern Kansas acreage, practicing spill prevention measures, material recycling, waste reduction, sustainability indicator tracking and continuous safety training programs for all team members.

To Stakeholders

Jayhawk is a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and Responsible Care® certified, operating according to first principles to assure that all products and services can be used safely and with minimal risk to the environment.  This pledge extends from the site to the global marketplace.

To Employees
  • Our site has surpassed 8 years with ZERO lost time accidents. This is a testament to the safety consciousness of all employees.

  • In 2011, Jayhawk contributed to local families after a catastrophic EF-5 rated tornado ripped through nearby Joplin, Missouri.

  • Employees continue to enjoy fishing in the nearby Spring River and hunting throughout Cherokee County. They know firsthand that Jayhawk acts as a good steward to the region. Conversely, employees understand their responsibility to preserve the local environment.

All of these instances reflect culture and commitment to a workforce that, in turn, dedicates itself to continued success. There is an inherent understanding that it is everyone’s responsibility to respect the environment while ensuring a safe and secure workplace.