Formulating Tips for Epoxy-Anhydride Cure Systems 7: Pushing the Envelope

August 8, 2019by Jayhawk

Modern technology is increasing the demand for high-performance components and creating opportunities for epoxy-anhydride systems to offer solutions in a variety of new applications. Filament-wound components, prepregs, bulk and sheet-molding compounds, and optically clear encapsulants are just some of the areas where epoxy-anhydride cure systems offer new and exciting options in demanding service environments.

Novel applications for epoxy-anhydride cure systems means new property requirements. For example, traditional epoxy-anhydride chemistry focuses on maximizing Tg and heat resistance; modern applications require a more careful balance of heat resistance and toughness. Similarly, traditional applications are tolerant of some coloration whereas new applications may require a water-white product. On the processing side, epoxy-anhydride cure systems need to maximize throughput without requiring new and expensive assets. This means finding ways to reduce curing temperatures and curing times. With the correct formulation, you can create a high-value epoxy-resin cure system that meets these challenges and provides a competitive edge.

In this video, our thought leaders provide further insight into the challenging new requirements epoxy-anhydride cure systems must meet. As the series continues, we will tackle different aspects of formulating mono/dianhydride blends with accelerators to help achieve the results you need.

Epoxy-Anhydride  Formulating Tips from the Experts

Jayhawk Fine Chemicals, Crosslink Technologies, Evonik, and Dixie Chemicals performed a study on a variety of specialty anhydride cure systems, with an emphasis on accelerator selection. The results of this study provide a foundation for improving epoxy-anhydride formulations and for creating new growth opportunities for formulators.

Thought leaders from these companies sat together to discuss the results as part of an informative video series. If you missed our last video, Formulating Tips for Epoxy-Anhydride Cure Systems 6: Processing Considerations, be sure to check it out. If you have any questions or comments, please contact a member of the team.

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