Formulating Tips for Epoxy-Anhydride Cure Systems 6: Processing Considerations

August 5, 2019by Jayhawk0

Epoxy-anhydride cure systems impart outstanding physical, mechanical, and electrical properties for a variety of critical applications. Fabricated parts are resistant to high-peak and continuous-use temperatures, retaining their properties in extreme operating conditions. With some basic processing and formulation considerations, you can utilize DGEBA class resins and create a high-performance epoxy at a competitive price point.

In the video below, our expert panel discuss processing considerations for epoxy-anhydride resin systems. We explore ways to overcome some of the perceived challenges in epoxy processing such as how to incorporate solid dianhydrides into a liquid resin. We also cover the use of monoanhydrides as reactive diluents and co-curatives along with other key topics. With proper formulation, blended curatives deliver the physical properties you seek in an elegant, easy-to-use, and cost-effective manner.

As the series continues, the panel will address specific process and formulation considerations to fully leverage epoxy-anhydride cure systems. Topics will include how to determine the correct levels of dianhydride and monoanhydride loading; and how to choose the correct accelerator for epoxy-anhydride cure system systems; and other formulation concerns to help give you a competitive edge.

A Comparative Analysis of Epoxy-Anhydride Cure Systems

Specialty anhydride and formulating experts from Jayhawk Fine Chemicals, Crosslink Technologies, Evonik, and Dixie Chemicals performed a study on a variety of specialty anhydride cure systems, with an emphasis on accelerator selection. The results provide valuable data and guidelines to help with your formulations and form the basis of our video series.

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