Formulating Tips for Epoxy-Anhydride Cure Systems 5: Modern Applications

July 31, 2019by Jayhawk0

Manufacturers are expanding the use of epoxy-anhydride cure systems beyond conventional applications and into processes such as pultrusion and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Novel formulations help deliver higher performance products at a comparable, or even improved, price point. In pultrusion, epoxy-anhydride resins have a pull-through rate comparable to standard options like vinyl ester but produce a product with greater strength and heat resistance. Epoxy-anhydride resins also eliminate volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from the pultrusion process. In 3D printing, cutting-edge advances in epoxy-anhydride cure systems offer exciting opportunities for thermoset manufacturing.

In the following video, our panel of experts discuss some specific examples of innovative epoxy-anhydride formulations and explore how their use in new applications and processes is expanding.

Insights on Epoxy-Anhydride Cure Systems from Specialty Anhydride and Formulating Experts

To help support the advancement of epoxy-anhydride cure systems, Jayhawk Fine Chemicals, Crosslink Technologies, Evonik, and Dixie Chemicals released a study on a variety of specialty anhydride cure systems, with an emphasis on accelerator selection. The results offer valuable data and guidelines to help with your formulations, which we have been sharing in a regular video serious.

In previous videos, the panel have focused on various aspects of formulating epoxy-anhydride cure systems, from their unique value proposition to the established schools of thought. Future videos will see our panel discussing specific processes and important formulation considerations to help you take advantage of this chemistry.

If you missed our most recent video in the series, you can view it here: Formulating Tips for Epoxy-Anyhydride Cure Systems 4: New Challenges. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel using the link below and receive notifications with each new release. Kindly contact the Jayhawk team directly if you have any questions or comments.

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