Fine Chemicals Customer Insights

February 22, 2019by Jayhawk

The interaction between buyer and seller has been explored extensively in academic and commercial literature. Fine chemical custom manufacturing, a niche within the specialty chemicals space, doubles-down on this dynamic with a unique serviced-based offering.

Customer – Manufacturer Relationships Today

For fine chemical custom manufacturers, the focus is placed squarely on the customer relationship. Clients typically have extremely tailored, individual requirements to produce complex chemical intermediates and active ingredients. In these instances, the manufacturer acts as an extension of the customer’s own operations. They perform a critical role in scaling-up for new product launches, providing swing capacity for growth products, or taking on complete outsourcing for a mature product.

However, these manufacturers almost always offer a side portfolio of catalog products based on core competencies in custom chemical synthesis and unit operations. These products, perhaps not exclusive to an individual specialty chemicals customer, meet critical requirements for quality and security of supply. They may also serve the needs of multiple customers with known volumes and delivery schedules. The result is a complementary, sustainable, made-to-demand business.

This is all well and good, as the customer has been heard, their needs have been determined, and product orders have been satisfactorily fulfilled. But can this be taken further?

Optimizing Relationships in Custom Fine Chemicals Sectors

When we talk about customer insights, we mean the “Voice of the Customer.” Since fine chemical custom manufacturing is, first and foremost, a service business, asking a few simple questions can result in valuable customer insights. These can be as broad as the following:

  • What else can we do for you?
  • What other fine or specialty chemicals do you need?
  • Do you find it difficult to choose insourcing or outsourcing?
  • Are you wary of sourcing from unknown, distant suppliers?
  • Would you avoid suppliers that are limited to a website catalog offering?

This is the very essence of fine chemical custom manufacturing: relationships in which customers are listened to with intent. Sourcing challenges can be readily identified and customer insights gained, representing new opportunities to leverage and build stronger relationships that are rooted in mutual trust and respect.

So, the next time you expand your business at a customer, and a colleague asks how you did it, simply respond with “I asked.”

Custom Chemicals Solutions from Jayhawk

The Jayhawk-CABB partnership is one of the world leaders in fine chemical custom manufacturing. We are intuitively aware of the benefits of fostering mutually-beneficial customer relationships founded on dialog and transparency. If you have specific sourcing needs or are facing challenges in the specialty chemicals marketplace, we would be interested to hear your thoughts. Feel free to contact a member of our team today.