Specialty Chemical Manufacturing at Jayhawk

October 22, 2018by Jayhawk

JAYHAWK is a global leader in specialty chemical manufacturing, with years of experience in producing custom fine chemicals for clients. We manufacture a range of products, from high-purity solvents to advanced chemical intermediates and active ingredients, with our complex chemical synthesis.

Specialty Chemical Manufacturing

When we talk about specialty chemical manufacturing, this can be anything from providing spare capacity to establishing a full-service sourcing partnership. The services JAYHAWK provide include process development, procurement, logistics management, and regulatory support.

Whether you require something as simple as distillation to recover raw materials, or a complex chemical synthesis, JAYHAWK can provide a cost-effective solution for these needs. Using an external specialty chemical manufacturer can allow clients to scale-up their manufacturing potential and speed.

When outsourcing specialty chemical manufacturing, clients want to ensure that the production requirements are met for a cost-efficient process. As an external provider, JAYHAWK can bring fresh expertise to client’s technology and meet chemistry requirements that might not be available within their own operation.

The chemistry and technology used by JAYHAWK include Alkylation, Heterocyclic synthesis, Halogenation, Grignard chemistry, Suzuki coupling, Azo chemistry, Phosphorus chemistry, Hydrogenation, and Formylation. This range of specialties allows us to provide solutions for a wide selection of customers, ensuring that their requirements are met.

At JAYHAWK, we pride ourselves on the relationship we build with our clients. We are extremely transparent about the services we offer and can often work as a satellite facility for your needs. Our range of multi-purpose plants come with the option to interconnect vessels and sections. We also have pilot plants available for smaller projects, qualifications, approvals, and proof-of-concept for commercial production.

Our analytic capabilities include GC, HPLC, ICP/MS, GC/MS, NMR, ion chromatography, potentiometric and Karl Fischer titration, and validated LIMS software. Our management system is fully integrated and is certified to ISO 9001, 14001, and RC 14001.

In addition to our services, JAYHAWK is extremely committed to ensuring our environmental impact is kept to a minimum. We undertake many practices including spill prevention, recycling, and waste reduction. This means our customers can be assured that their products were produced safely with minimal risk to the environment.

The list of solutions offered by JAYHAWK is growing consistently. If you would like some more information about our specialty chemical manufacturing solutions, please contact us.