What is a Fine Chemical?

December 18, 2017by Jayhawk

Fine chemicals are organic or inorganic molecules manufactured in kilogram to multi-ton quantities by traditional or biotechnological chemical processes in plants throughout the world. They are produced to exacting specifications and serve as vital components of the value chain for downstream applications, including many of the products consumers rely upon each day. The process of developing and manufacturing fine chemicals is complex and often subject to multi-step synthesis.

Fine Chemical Applications

The pharmaceutical industry is the largest consumer of fine chemicals, as many active ingredients and intermediates are sourced from an assortment of fine chemical manufacturing partners, producing life-saving medicines and treatments.

In the same manner, fine chemicals are also used in the agrochemical industry, producing herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides via carefully controlled, contamination prevention protocols. Agrochemicals are essential to improving yields and harvests of produce to feed the world’s growing population.

Other applications that employ fine chemicals include adhesives, catalysts, food, and specialty polymers for fibers, foams, advanced composites, and electronic components. Smartphone technology owes its performance to the high-purity of fine chemical raw materials.

Fine Chemical Technologies

The development and manufacture of fine chemicals involve a number of different technologies, due to the challenging nature of their production. Alkylation, Azo chemistry, Formylation, Grignard chemistry, Halogenation, Heterocyclic synthesis, Hydrogenation, Phosphorous chemistry, and Suzuki coupling are but a few of the competencies necessary for a full-service manufacturer to support applications in multiple industries.

Fine Chemicals from JAYHAWK

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