The Chemistry Used By Jayhawk to Create Custom Chemicals

November 12, 2017by Jayhawk

When manufacturing custom chemicals JAYHAWK specializes in a range of chemistries, which help to provide customers with a product that is high quality and cost-efficient. This blog post will outline some of the key chemistries used by JAYHAWK.


Alkylation is the process of transferring an alkyl group from one molecule to another to develop a custom chemical. There are two classifications of alkylation, based on the alkylating agent.

A nucleophilic alkylating agent delivers a negatively charged alkyl group to the hydrocarbon, which is the equivalent of an alkyl anion. Examples of these include organolithium, organocopper, and Grignard reagents.

An electrophilic alkylating agent delivers a positively charged alkyl group to the hydrocarbon, which is the equivalent of an alkyl cation. Typical electrophilic alkylating agents include alkyl halides.


Halogenation is the process of adding a halogen to a compound or material to develop a custom chemical.

There is a range of different methods of performing halogenation, that can vary due to reaction type; free radical halogenation, halogenation of aromatic compounds, etc. or by halogen type; fluorination, chlorination, etc.

The method used to perform halogenation can be dictated by the structure of the substrate and the halogen agent employed.

Grignard Chemistry

The Grignard reaction is typically used for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds. It consists of the reaction between a Grignard reagent (organomagnesium halide) and a wide range of compounds including ketones, aldehydes, esters, alkyl halides.

Suzuki Coupling

Suzuki coupling is a metal catalysed (often Pd or Pt) reaction between a boronic acid or ester and an organohalide. This chemistry is often used to synthesize styrenes, poly-olefins, and most often substituted biphenyls.


Hydrogenation is the chemical reaction between hydrogen and another element, often using a catalyst such as palladium or platinum. It is typically used to convertm usaturated compounds to saturated derivatives.

Custom Chemicals from JAYHAWK

JAYHAWK are leaders in developing and manufacturing a range of custom chemicals for customers using a range of different chemistries and technologies. Our services team is always available to provide assistance to customers evaluating their make-or-buy options.

If you would like some more information about our range of custom chemicals, please contact us.